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Management Team

 Yacoub Manawil Sabella  General Manager y.sabella@al-nisr.com
 Khaled Sharif Barakat  Deputy GM Life & Medical k.barakat@al-nisr.com
 Ala’a Al Khalil  Sales Manager a.qasrawi@al-nisr.com
 Mai Shahatit  Individual Life & Medical Manager m.shahatit@al-nisr.com
 Rabee’ Al Lama’  Medical Claims Manager r.lama@al-nisr.com
 Amjad Marrar  Non-Life Manager a.murrar@al-nisr.com
 Hasan Al Siouri  Fire & General Accidents Manager h.siouri@al-nisr.com
 Samer Bushnaq  Reinsurance Manager s.bushnaq@al-nisr.com
 Imad Naouri  Group Life & Medical Manager i.naouri@al-nisr.com
 Ruba Al-Shahed  Finance Manager r.shahed@al-nisr.com
 Lana Turjman  IT Manager l.turjman@al-nisr.com
 Rania Al-Soudani  Legal Affairs and Corporate Governance Manager r.soudani@al-nisr.com
 Dina Othman  Human Resources Manager d.othman@al-nisr.com