Critical Illness Insurance


We cannot deny the fact that a critical illness can happen to anyone at any age and at any stage in life! How often do you hear a friend or a family member say they’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness?

The chances of being diagnosed with The ‘Big Three’: Cancer, heart attacks and strokes or any other critical illness are increasingly high. Chances are good that if you become critically ill, you will recover. But recovery may require costly treatments or changes to your lifestyle. And that’s where critical illness insurance can help. It ensures that cash is on hand to provide you with the necessary financial resources.

The Second Chance

Benefits of the Plan

•The option to choose the cover that suits your needs best; Cancer, 12 illnesses or 37 illnesses

•The option to choose from a range of ceilings at convenient prices

•Convenient payment methods

•Policy period 5 years


Covers of the Plan

A lump sum payment upon diagnosis of one of the covered diseases.

Arabi Protect

This plan can be purchased only through the Arab Bank branches.

Benefits of the Plan

•Possibility to choose the currency of the plan: JOD or USD

•Possibility to choose sum insured starting from:
- JOD 10,000 up to JOD 50,000 for Plan (1) or 
- JOD 10,000 and up to JOD 350,000 for Plans (2)&(3)

•Cover up to 70 Years (subject to continuity)

•Policy period 5 years 



Critical illnesses policy offers three different plans that allow the policyholder to choose the appropriate plan according to his/her needs
- Plan (1): Cancer Only
- Plan (2): 12 Illnesses including Cancer
- Plan (3): 37 Illnesses including above 12 illnesses


Covers of the Plan

Guaranteed lump sum paid to policy holder/beneficiary (ies) in case of the unfortunate diagnosis of any of the named critical illnesses according to the chosen plan



  • Will the sum insured be paid to me directly or to the healthcare provider?
    We will pay the sum insured to you directly after the diagnosis and confirmation of the critical illness, where there are no restrictions on how to use the sum insured, as you can use it to cover the costs which are not covered by the medical insurance or make changes to the house to adapt with the disease, or even travel.
  • Can I make amendments on my Critical Illness insurance policy?
    After the policy issuance, you cannot amend the sum insured or the policy duration, however, you can request to amend the frequency of payment by sending an e-mail to before at least 2 months from the next policy anniversary, and the amendment will take effect on the next policy anniversary.
  • Can I buy more than one critical illness insurance policy?
    Yes, you can buy more than one critical illness insurance plan with a maximum sum insured of 50,000 JDs for critical illness cancer, and a maximum sum insured of 350,000 JDs for Critical Illness 12 diseases and Critical Illness 37 diseases.
  • Can I renew the policy after the expiry of its period?
    You can request to renew the policy before at least 2 months of its expiry date, and no renewal will take place unless the company is satisfied as to your good health and insurability and which may also necessitate the payment of a higher premium.
  • When does my cover cease under the critical illness insurance?
    The insurance cover under the critical illness insurance ceases when you reach the age of 70 years or in case of death or when you submit a valid claim whichever comes first.

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