Offering both our medical partners and customers a mobile application; allowing them to manage, use and fill medical authorizations, as part of our medical insurance services.

Everything starts with insurance officers and HR officers managing the distribution of doctor visit authorizations via a back-end web-system. 

Then, the process continues on the mobile:

1- Doctors & Healthcare Providers Interface

- Doctors fill and submit prescriptions (medical authorization) via a user-friendly application 
- Healthcare providers access the insured’s prescription and fill prices on the spot 
- Healthcare providers and doctors fill authorizations based on their type/specialty and only access sections related to their role 
- The medical authorizations filled by users are automatically sent to insurance company with all necessary details and claim amount 


2- Insured Mobile Interfacenbsp;

- Access his/her personal insurance information 
- View number of available authorizations assigned to him/her
- Access doctor visits' history 
- Ability to opt-in/opt-out in order to allow or disallow doctors to access visits history 
- Access prescriptions' details 
- View remaining days in order to proceed with the doctor prescription 
- Ability to ask for the reactivation of an expired prescription 
- Ability to search for healthcare providers 
- Ability to view providers' pinned location on Google map 
- Access contact details of the provider with the ability to call, send email, etc. … 



Your Health Insurance at your Fingertips

  • Quick Access to your Health Information
  • Your Replacement to Paper Forms
  • Medical Network Directory