Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our policy at Al Nisr Al Arabi is based on a vision of participating in the development of our youth. While historically our sponsorship and community services have been geared towards youth school sports teams, recently we have widened the circle to encompass sponsorship of cultural events and education programs. In addition to working with organizations to develop projects that are both highly impactful for our communities.

While on the subject of creating awareness of insurance in Jordan, Al Nisr Al Arabi is continuously looking for means to deliver its message. We cooperate closely with the Insurance Commission & Jordan Insurance Federation and we hope that this will have a valuable impact on the perspective of the society of our industry.
Discover the Four Pillars of our CSR Approach


Dedicating efforts to promote and support literacy
and early childhood education


Supporting local organizations in improving environmental


Giving back to our communities and engaging our employees
in meaningful volunteer opportunities

Art and Culture

Enforcing the impact of art and culture on
the improvement of society
CSR Employee Engagement Program
In 2018, we established an employee volunteer program seeking to motivate and enable employees to effectively participate in different volunteer programs. We work with many non-profit organizations to develop projects that are highly impactful in our communities.

A yearly The program allows each employee to serve the community minimum once annually in one of the programs scheduled by the company.